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I just can't even with these doughnuts! There were four doughnuts in this box just moments ago! The lemon filling was so perfect and didn't have that weird wobbly feel that lemon filling sometimes has! It was balanced toward the sweet side but was just tart enough to remind you that lemons are tart. The richness of the chocolate on the Boston Cream was so impressive, I loved the bitterness that cute through the perfect cream wrapped in the light doughnut. The Espresso Filled was completely mind blowing with so many layers of flavor rolling around in so many different textures! The smokiness of the crisp on top was so satisfying before the lush punch of espresso cream that had me believing I was in Italy at a famous espresso bar. And listen friends, I'm not even going to tell you how good that Blackberry and Raspberry doughnut was because you wouldn't even believe me. Just go, now!

- Tammy S, Feb 2022

Have you ever had the inkling to get up between midnight and 3am to make donuts? Nope - us either! Thank goodness @devis.donuts does! Named after their daughter Devi (goddess in Sanskrit for you trivia lovers), this couple uses the time most of us are sleeping to make delicious, breakfast fried cakes for us! Some of us were not donut lovers and were vegan skeptics. @devis.donuts made believers out of us all! The lemon pistachio donut tastes like the better version of your mom's lemon meringue pie! The combo of citrus and sweet with soft and crunchy made us want another dozen! We could write pages about these airy pastries, but it would be better if you just give them a try and let us know what you think! Happy eating Yelpers!

- Eliza H., Feb 2022

All vegan family-owned donuts and sweets business that started out at local farmers markets. I can't believe these donuts are vegan. Get them before they sell out and check-in for a discount off half a dozen. Not a single person would be able to tell that these donuts are vegan. Get them for your family, get them for your clients, and I promise no one would know. These are amazing. They are not sweet. They are just perfect. We had the lemon pistachio donut - lemon glaze topped with pistachio crumble, and the blackberry and raspberry donut - raspberry glaze topped with a blackberry. Devi's is a donut lovers haven.

- Zaina H., Jan 2022


About Us

Devi’s Donuts and Sweets (started in 2016) is a beautiful family-owned business selling vegan donuts and sweets. Tulasi Ognibene owner of the business is a loving husband and dedicated father of two. Vrinda Devi and Venu. The business was named after Tulasi’s daughter, Vrinda. The name in Sanskrit means Queen or Goddess. The donuts are also made by the mamma of the house, Eva.

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Locations & Open Hours

Brick and Mortar

3600 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804 ​

Open Hours: 

Tuesday - Saturday: 6 AM to 3 PM

Sunday: 6 AM to 3 PM

Monday: Closed.


Marina Farmers Market

6602 E Marina Dr, Long Beach, CA 90803

Open Hours:

Sunday - Saturday: 9 AM to 2 PM

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